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Central Alberta Dairy Pool

April 29th 2016

From “Some Memories of My Years in Alix, and Its People” by Alice WhitfieldArt Foster was the engineer in charge of the boiler room and machinery.  Bert Smith also worked there…. Around 1932 Poultry and eggs were added to the business, and in the fall turkeys were loaded onto the   ▸

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April 17th 2014

Our mission is to research, collect, preserve, interpret and display those objects which represent the history and culture of Alix and district from the time of its founding and onward.   ▸

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We Would Not Be Here Without You

June 12th 2011

Every gift to the Alix Wagon Wheel Museum Association has a great impact, from enhancing exhibits and collections to programming, every contribution impacts the lives of people from the community and from around the world.With the generous support of our “museum friends,” the Alix Wagon Wheel Museum continues to open   ▸

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Museum Mural

September 4th 2009

Alix Wagon Wheel Museum is so named for the shape formed when one places the Village of Alix at the hub. The rim circles the historic region and the spokes divide the school districts of earlier days. Located on Main Street in the Village of Alix, in the province of Alberta   ▸

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