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In the early 1970’s an enthusiastic Historical Committee set up a collection of pioneer items in the basement of the Drop-In Centre and formed the Alix Wagon Wheel Museum Association. They soon outgrew the space so purchased the old pool hall building in 1974, and with much hard work and dedication, renovated it to become the Alix Wagon Wheel Museum… the rest as they say is history.


No, we are not a museum with a collection of wagon wheels!

Think of Alix and the museum as the hub of a wagon wheel, the surrounding school districts are the spokes and their outer limits make the rim, thus the museum’s name.


Our Heritage Mural, by Ray Bindr, which depicts the history of early Alix is hard to miss as you drive down the main business street in the Village. Venture inside and you’ll see a great collection of artwork by local artists.


All are welcome to visit and see what makes our museum unique: like the sculpture formed when butter and aluminum melted together in the creamery fire, and a very large beaver that lived in the Alix Lake.

The museum houses and displays numerous links with the past history of Alix: Grandma Mitchell’s rocking chair, Jimmy Wong’s abacus, and Lottie Bonham’s hooked rug. Our exhibits include:
Children are challenged to look for the Alixgators hidden amongst the artifacts and do other interactive activities. There is something to interest everyone. We can also assist with tourist information.

Our Mission

Our mission is to research, collect, preserve, interpret and display those objects which represent the history and culture of Alix and district from the time of its founding onward.