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The museum's inception occurred when a collective began gathering artifacts and historical documents, initially stored in the Drop In Centre's basement.

In 1974, the Alix Wagon Wheel Museum Association was established, and the acquisition of the old Pool Hall on Main Street was finalized. Subsequent renovations allowed for the relocation of the artifacts. Since then, contributions have poured in from individuals, businesses, organizations, and families.

The museum features exhibits detailing pivotal local historical events, such as the Creamery fire, and showcases artifacts from the early churches and schools in Alix and the neighboring rural schools. It also houses indigenous artifacts and photographs, including those of the Metis Tail Creek settlement.

Visitors can explore a quaint pioneer kitchen and a comprehensive taxidermy bird display, which includes a sizable beaver, once a local inhabitant. The Service room is home to war memorabilia and records from service clubs.

The museum also boasts an extensive collection of pioneer farming tools, a modest sports photography and equipment exhibit, and a representation of the three railway stations that converge in Alix. The museum's name is derived from the wagon wheel shape depicted on a map, symbolizing the Lacombe county school district.