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From “Carl and Gladys Kurp – by Mrs. John Kurp” Gleanings After Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive

July 6th 2021
From “Carl and Gladys Kurp – by Mrs. John Kurp” 
Gleanings After Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club,1981 
Carl was born in 1896, the son of Ben and Alice Kurp.  They came from Ontario about 1907 and bought the south half of 10-38-24 and built a house.  There were also two sisters, Frances and Ida. 
Carl helped his Dad to mine coal when he was still very young.  He mined with Theodore Kurp.  He left for Detroit, Michigan, and there worked for the Ford Motor Company for a number of years around 1923. 
In 1927 Carl married Gladys Ethel Straub, daughter of Felix and Adeline Straub of the Alix district.  Gladys was born in Iowa in 1900.  She and her parents immigrated to Canada in 1914 and rented a farm west of Delburne.  They moved to the Alix area in 1917. 
Carl and Gladys formed a partnership with her father to mine coal.  They did this on the north side of the Red Deer River.  The coal was still being hauled by team and sleighs…. Two boys were born to them while there, John and Bob.   
In 1938 they traded S.W. 26-37-23 to Theodore Kurp for S.W.7-28-23 which was where Theodore’s mine was. Carl and Gladys operated this mine till 1953. 
Gladys always planted her garden by the moon and never had a failure. 
When Carl closed the mine he went to work for Lynass’ with his truck, hauling coal to the tipple and delivering coal to out-lying areas. 
Gladys passed away in January in 1952, and Carl passed away in December 1977. They are both buried in the Delburne Cemetery. 
John and Bob both took their schooling in Delburne. 

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