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Alix Residents of the Past

March 26th 2021
From “People of Alix as suggested by Gordon and Flora Wilton”

Gleanings from Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1981

Blairs had the Hotel during and before 1916.  They were very good friends of the Patricks.

Bogus, Frosty …was a barber in Alix in the 1930’s.  After the barber shop burned down, the family moved to Stettler.  They now live in Red Deer. [1974]

Boyston was a barber who was very fond of wrestling.  He wrestled with Morris Schnepf and others out at the Alix Fair Grounds.  He was also the drummer in Frank Brooker’s band.

Brookhart, Mrs.: lived in thehouse where the Mortimers lived later.  She kept many boarders.  Mrs. Brookhart was admired for her courage as she did her work from a wheelchair having had one leg amputated. She was most wonderful cheery person and raised her family of boys by herself.  Cliff Brookhart served in the Armed Forces in world War II.  Later the Brookharts moved to Stettler.

Chinn: Chinn and Fisher operated the garage which later became W.E. Jennings’. The two families were related.  A great tragedy occurred when Mrs. Chinn tried to clean clothes with gasoline.  The vapour caught fire and Mrs. Chinn was burned to death….

Cole: The Cole family lived on a place with a little house close to Highway 12 near Alix.  The family consisted of the parents and four children: Henry, Ida, Patricia… and Wesley; all of the children attended school in Alix.  Henry Cole worked for “Caterpillar” for many years….

Collins: Mr. and Mrs. John Collins lived in the C.P.R. Railway Station as John Collins was the station agent for Alix in the 1930’s.  They were active in community affairs, especially curling. Two children, Jack and Illene, attended school in Alix.  Jack joined the Navy during World War II….

Ditto, Ella nee Toepfer was for some time telephone operator in Alix.  She married Andrew Ditto some years after his first wife died and lived with him on the Ditto place just north of town.  They retire to Kelowna after the farm was sold to John Henry Ditto.

Ferguson, Mr.: owned the Drug Store in the 1920’s.  He was also agent for Watkins Products.  Willie Ferguson, the son, attended the school in Alix.

Ferguson: Another family of this name lived in North Alix during the 1920’s.  Carmen married Mrs. DeZutter’s daughter.

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